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Rainmaker Partners Introduces eReach

The First Targeted, Interactive Database Marketing Solution for B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals

Lowell, Massachusetts,  June 20, 2004 – Rainmaker Partners a leading provider of Targeted Interactive Marketing solutions for customer acquisition and relationship management announced the availability of it’s eReach suite of products and services that support the tactical lead generation and pipeline development needs of business to business (B2B) marketing and sales professionals. 

“For some time now, B2C marketers have capitalized on the low cost, interactive capabilities of the Internet to market their products and services.  Despite the reported ”internet bust”, only on-line B2C marketers such as Amazon, eBay reported dramatic sales increases in 2002 with e-mail recognized as the leading promotional vehicle.  B2B marketers and their suppliers, although recognizing the power of the internet have struggled with harnessing its inherent low cost and pervasive appeal for their own targeted sales and marketing needs.” said Mark Reyna, President and Founder of Rainmaker Partners

According to a recent study conducted by A.C. Nielsen//NetRatings, MORI Research and The Washington Post Co.'s online unit, the Internet is one of the chief channels to reach business decision-makers.  The study, based on a survey of about 1,000 business decision makers found that a majority — 60 percent — said “the Web is the best way for marketers to reach them. Magazines and newspapers followed at 55 percent and 45 percent respectively, while television came in just about 30 percent.”

Interactive List Brokers such as DoubleClick and others have done an excellent job assisting B2C marketers in dramatically increasing revenues for a much smaller spend than conventional promotional vehicles demanded.  However the B2C orientation and “blind” nature of list broker campaigns coupled with the absence of follow-up information such as prospect names and phone numbers cripple their effectiveness for B2B applications.  Database Marketing firms such as One Source, InfoUSA and others provide detailed segmentation capabilities for direct mail campaigns however they offer little to no internet based interactive marketing capabilities.

The needs of the B2B marketer are quite different.  Sales are not impulse driven and although independent studies show that the internet and e-mail is the best way to inexpensively reach qualified "C" level prospects, that’s just the first step.  Telemarketing follow-up and funnel management is necessary to drive prospects through the funnel to closure.”

“B2B companies can ill afford the uncertainty and costs of launching list broker sponsored carpet bombing, campaign to a nameless group of thousands in hopes that someone will call in to buy their product,” added Reyna. “The approach and core competencies of Interactive List Brokers and Database Marketing firms have left a void in the market which has hindered B2B Marketers in capitalizing on the internet as a promotional vehicle.  Rainmaker Partners fills that void.  We are not focused on brand building and public relations.   More importantly, we are all about helping B2B clients drive leads, build pipelines and process their funnels to closure. In today’s cost conscious business world we think this imperative for building and sustaining successful companies. eReach offers clients a unique and compelling value proposition as the cornerstone of a successful, integrated Sales and Marketing execution plan.”

The Rainmaker eReach solution set has been crafted specifically to meet the particular needs of B2B marketers, combining the power of the Internet and e-mail marketing with telemarketing, qualifying and other B2B sales best practices.

eSegment allows B2B marketers target and interact with the right decision makers within their target markets inexpensively through the power of e-mail, Rainmaker’s eDesign services can develop targeted creatives and content for your web-sites, e-mail and fax campaigns, newsletters, seminar and webinars, product announcements and more.  After launching, marketers can utilize utilizing eFollow for telemarketing and lead qualification, driving pipeline development toward closure.  Rainmaker’s eOpt solutions allows you to outsource the sometimes daunting challenge of opt-in/opt-out database management while eNrich allows companies who have incomplete SFA and CRM databases to augment their data to allow for lower cost and more frequent customer communications for cross and up selling purposes via e-mail and other interactive marketing vehicles.

About Rainmaker Partners

Rainmaker Partners is the leading provider of targeted B2B Interactive Database Marketing products and services for customer acquisition and relationship management.  The Rainmaker eReach solution set is engineered to enable B2B marketers to rapidly deliver cost effective, timely and targeted lead generation programs within their specific niche markets in order to build pipelines and drive revenues and growth. Rainmaker is a privately held company located in Lowell, Massachusetts.


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