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eReach Targeted B2B eMail Marketing Products and Services. 

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eReach B2B Telemarketing and Appointment Setting Services.

B2B e-Mail programs provide B2B (Business to Business) product and service marketers with  timely, targeted and cost effective lead generation programs to help them deliver their unique value proposition to their specific niche markets, build pipelines and generate revenues

B2B eMail Marketing programs allow you to generate leads at a fraction of the cost of other B2B lead generation channels.

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Client's like our unique ability to synchronize our B2B eMail Campaigns with our B2B Appointment Setting programs to deliver a synergistic one-two multi-channel punch to their sales efforts

Rainmaker is unique in focusing solely on the needs of B2B sales and marketing professionals.  Learn how Rainmaker can drive  leads and revenues to your sales force with low cost, surgically focused turnkey B2B eMail, B2B Telemarketing and B2B SEO campaigns.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results in 77% of all click-throughs.  The best part is that these B2B SEO induced click-throughs are free! 

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns with Google, Yahoo and MSN are not the best or only answer.  Why pay increasingly more expensive click-through charges every month when you can organically optimize your website to get more click-throughs than  PPC campaigns can ever offer?

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Rainmaker Partners focuses our B2B SEO efforts on optimizing the organic effectiveness of the website you have already invested in combined with judicious use of PPC advertising Utilizing our approach we can boost your rankings for a fraction of the cost of many other B2B SEO's.

If you are not on the first two pages of search results in the major engines odds are your prospects will find your competitors not you.  Can you afford to wait another day to boost your rankings?



Rainmaker's B2B Appointment Setting and B2B Telemarketing team is unparalleled in its experience professionalism and tenacity on behalf of our clients.  Last year alone we arranged over 12,000 qualified B2B appointments.  While there are very few firms that cater to B2B Search Engine Marketing (SEM),  B2B e-Mail Marketing and B2B Telemarketing, no firm provides the detailed follow-up capabilities that Rainmaker provides. 

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With Rainmaker as your B2B Telemarketing partner we can transform raw suspects generated from multi-channel B2B e-Mail, B2B SEO and other marketing campaigns into leads feeding your inside and outside salesforce with qualified B2B Appointments and opportunities for follow-up and closure.

Studies prove B2B salespeople spend less than 14% of their time prospecting.  Let us fill the top of your sales funnel!



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