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Revised:  03/07/2012



eReach B2B Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Rainmaker's eReach SEO Search Engine Marketing Optimization Process encompasses all facets of the optimization process in reviewing your website.  Merely modifying metatags on your website and submitting your website to search engines and directories won't work.  We thoroughly analyze your site's meta tags, title tags and structure to assure it presents most favorable to all of the major search engines.


In addition, there may be changes made or added to the content to offer better Keyword Rich Content.  We will have our copywriter add these to the site and notify you of these changes. They are of course subject to your approval (as is any change that we make).
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The eReach B2B Search Engine Marketing Optimization Process:optimization


  • Defining the Optimum Keyword Phrases and Terms - Those few companies who have optimized their websites have often done so thinking in keyword terms they would use rather than what their prospects would use.  Rainmaker will assist you in defining the keywords that are used most often to increase your web presence.  Using our array of automated tools, we will strive to provide you with the most accurate targeted keyword research possible. Rainmaker's eReach B2B SEO objective is to get your site ranked for MULTIPLE Search Terms and keyword groupings vs. many firms that limit their optimization to several keywords or keyword groupings.

  •  State of the Site Analysis – Using proprietary spidering technology to analyze your entire site just like a search engine, we develop a Site Analysis report detailing the site’s current rankings vs. your competition on major search engines. On an ongoing basis, Rainmaker will deliver a detailed report of each site’s ranking for the specified Search Terms defined.  All major search engines will be included in the analysis.

  •  Competitors Research – We analyze the Top B2B SEO10 websites for your keywords and look what they are doing right in order to obtain high rankings.


Based upon the defined Search Term Set, we perform the following 4 steps in an iterative fashion for each Search Term/Gateway Page to be developed.  Gateway pages are engineered to include specific keywords and phrases that will attract a higher ranking for a specific end user Search Term. 


  • Title Optimization - The title should contain the most specific search term the page is being optimized for. Each page should have a title geared for specific keywords.

  • Meta Tags Creation – Development of Metatag “Keywords” and “Descriptions” specific to the page being optimized

  • Headings and Text Optimization – Utilizing Headings and multiple keyword mentions within the content of the visible page we reinforce the Title and Metatags.

  • URL Naming – Recent reports indicate that the actual page URL’structure has a bearing on rankings.  We will work with your webmaster to define the Gateway page URL’s such that they are supportive of the search term the page is being optimized for.

  • Manual Submission – We will manually submit your website to Major Search engines which handles over the 95% of the searches these days. Yahoo!, Google, MSN are obviously included along with numerous other second tier Search Engines.  In addition we discussed having your web hosting company uploading an xml schema site map which will assist Google in re-indexing the optimized site quicker.

  • Reciprocal Linking – We will identify and manually submit your website to product relevant web directories with Google Page Rank of 3 or above.

  • Ranking Monitoring – We monitor your website and make sure it is indexed each month and a full report of your current ranking will be also emailed to you each month and weekly during initial campaign.

  • Site Maintenance - Based upon our monthly monitoring we will, with the assistance of your webmaster, adjust your website where indicated and make the appropriate changes.  Most often these entail minor changes however it is these changes which can improve your website's ranking from #17 to #3.  On-going monthly maintenance is extremely important!   Due to the constant Search Engine algorithm changes optimization processes must never stop lest your hard fought for ranking improvements go south next month.


All of the above optimization processes are necessary for a website site to rank high in  Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  Simply focusing on one or two of these processes may help in the short term but will not live true to the word "optimization".   Of course everyone  wants their  website to always be listed on the top of the search engines for many of  your targeted keywords. The only way is with constant updating of the ranking methods. Sites can gradually lose their ranking if they are not maintained monthly especially if you target very competitive keywords.
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A careful combination of the time consuming and tedious but highly effective search engine optimization  procedures is mandatory for ranking  highly in the search engine results pages. Equally important is on-going monthly monitoring and optimization tweaking to maintain the rankings a client achieves.


Over 60% of consumers cite search engines as the main way they research purchases online. Make sure your site is being seen.  Take the first step to improved B2B Search Engine Marketing rankings today!

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