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Revised:  03/07/2012



eReach B2B Appointment Setting


Sure we make cold calls, set B2B appointments and generate leads, but we are quite different from traditional “boilershop” telemarketing services.  We employ a virtual contact center approach supported by state of the art technology


One of the numerous advantages of the B2B Appointment Setting Virtual contact center is the inherently attractive work/life benefits our people find important.  In fact, these benefits have allowed us to recruit and retain much higher caliber Business Development Representatives (BDR) than you would typically find in a “brick and mortar” call center.  This approach results in more qualified decision making B2B Appointment and B2B Telemarketing Leads.


Rainmaker Partners is staffed entirely with veteran business professionals who can comfortably engage executive-level decision makers in meaningful conversations involving complex and high-end transactions.  Our people many of which have held senior-level executive positions have years of experience in finding the shortest route to the most qualified B2B appointments and best B2B leads.


Equally important our virtual call center approach allows us to reduce costs from the standard telemarketing model allowing us to pass the cost savings along to our client.


In essence, we can provide our clients with much higher quality project teams for a price somewhere between lower quality B2C oriented boilershops and offshore operations which are difficult to manage and provide even lower quality due to a variety of factors. notwithstanding communication and cultural barriers.


Rainmaker Partners has a proven methodology and best practices specific to cold calling.  Every day, our BDRs make 1,000’s of cold calls on behalf of our Clients, securing appointments and excellent sales opportunities for their sales reps. 


In addition, our pay for performance pricing model insures you will get what you pay for with a demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI).


The benefits of using B2B Telemarketing and Appointment Setting to support direct/field sales reps are well documented.  A recent report for the Gartner Group estimates companies employing this approach can increase revenue by 150%. 


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